About Rebel

Rebel is on a mission to help men. Through our publication, online community and outreach initiatives we hope to become a catalyst for cultural change. We believe all of us need help. But we also need each other to move our mission forward.

So who is a Rebel?

Rebel represents our antithetical position on popular culture and the message it has been selling men for generations. Culture says a rebel is a man defined by independence, personal achievement, sexual conquests and/or economic success. Our definition of a Rebel is slightly different. We believe a Rebel is a man of character, defined by humility, dedicated to service and wholly committed to a cause greater than himself.

Rebel features one man each month - a "Rebel With a Cause" - that is doing something extraordinary to impact the lives of others. Our featured Rebel's can come from the world of philanthropy, business, sports, politics, entertainment and more.

We hope through our publication, online community and outreach initiatives to in some small way help men become "better" men; better husbands, fathers, friends and/or leaders in their community. We hope by showcasing "Rebels" who are making a difference - that others will recognize they too have the power to instill change.

Rebel Gets Real...

By examining popular culture in unique and informative ways, we are creating a platform in which men can feel comfortable exploring real issues. rebel offers men an authentically fresh perspective on value based living, spirituality, social responsibility, career and family challenges, relationships, arts, entertainment and more. rebel is both revealing and revolutionary in the cookie cutter genre of contemporary mens media.  

Rebel is Relevant...

Our unique and compelling content is distributed in a variety of formats - from our bi-monthly print magazine available nationally at Barnes & Noble retail outlets, to our cutting edge monthly digital experience, containing interactive audio, video and info-graphics. Rebel was designed for those who prefer to live the story rather than just read about it. Rebel is also actively improving the communities in which we live. Every man needs a mission and that starts the moment we move beyond ourselves and begin to serve others. But no man can do it alone - rebel is a community that has come together to create change. By partnering with like minded organizations Rebel becomes a powerful collective to assist those in need.

Isn't it time some rebels got together to make a difference? 

Join the movement.